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What is Dry Eye?

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There are several factors that causes dry eye, stopping you from enjoying the things you love the most. If you are exposed to air conditioning, prolonged usage of digital screens, or exposed to harsh weather conditions, there is a high possibility you are experiencing dry eye symptoms. Splash Tears relieves these symptoms so you can be on the go!

What Causes Dry Eye?

Splash Tears Can Help


If you are exposed to air conditioning at home, office, or in your car then you may be experiencing dry eye symptoms. The constant air flowing through your eyes evaporates your tears a lot faster, causing an uncomfortable feeling.


As the temperature decreases, it reduces the Meibomian gland’s ability to secrete oils that keep the tears from evaporating too quickly. Replenish your eye’s hydration with our Splash Tears eye drops.


Hormonal changes are common in women’s bodies especially with age and menopause. These hormonal changes often times lead to dry eye.


Harsh weather and air pollution plays as one of the main causes of dry eye. Using one to two drops of Splash Tears helps relieve irritation, grittiness, and dryness when being outdoors.


Eye surgery and the frequent use of contact lenses can have a great impact on keeping your eyes lubricated. Don’t forget to remove your contacts before applying Splash Tears.

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Relieve Dry Eye Symptoms With Splash Tears

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Apply 1 to 2 eye drops on each eye and tackle your day with a comfortable vision.


Don’t just listen to us, here is what the people had to say about Splash Tears.

Gidget H.

Bought these eye drops when on vacation in Mexico cause they didn’t have my regular drops (Blink or Visine). However, I like these better. They feel so refreshing and light. I couldn’t find Splash tears at any stores in my area so I checked on line. Thank goodnesses for Amazon! Bought two

Olivia O.

Eh tested many other brands of eye lubricants but this is the best, it has never irritated me and the feeling of lubricity is durable, ideal for people who spend a lot of time in dry environments or in front of monitors, general use is to lubricate and refresh the eyes.


Each drop of Splash Tears is instant feeling of relief. With its fast acting formula, give your eyes the lubrication and comfort to keep you on-the-go.

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