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Let us know how Splash Tears helps you relief dry eyes.

Todd B. Kashdan

works wonders for my eyes – post-Lasik

Having had Lasik surgery, and wearing one contact lens, it is essential to keep my eyes moist. Also, I’m an author and write multiple hours per day. These tear drops do the job. I only have to use a few drops one time per day and I am good to go. No complaints. Really pleased.

Chris F.

I suffer greatly from dry eyes, and have used everything from simple saline to vaseline-style ointments. These eye drops are just below the ointment in terms of effectiveness, and much easier to apply than the ointment.
There is no sting and an almost oily lubricant feeling… Which is a really good thing. Unlike medicated (redness remover) saline, which often just numbs the eye while leaving it as dry as it started, this focuses on actually soothing and moisturizing and feels great.
It is definitely my new bed side go-to for dry eyes.

Jane P.

“Splash Tears” lubricant eye drops provide effective relief for dry or irritated eyes. In the winter, it’s dry air; in the summer – pollen or other allergens! In situations where we have to read off computer screens or drive for many hours, this product is welcome.

Margaret B.

Instant relief for my dry, scrathy-feeling eyeballs.

I don’t often need to use lubricating eye drops so don’t have much experience with other brands. But I have had the occasion to use these eye drops recently and found that they gave me immediate relief from my dry, scratchy-feeling eyes. The relief lasted for at least an hour. I did not notice any stinging or any adverse side-effects from using these and would consider using these again.

Olivia O.

Eh tested many other brands of eye lubricants but this is the best, it has never irritated me and the feeling of lubricity is durable, ideal for people who spend a lot of time in dry environments or in front of monitors, general use is to lubricate and refresh the eyes.

Gidget H.

Bought these eye drops when on vacation in Mexico cause they didn’t have my regular drops (Blink or Visine). However, I like these better. They feel so refreshing and light. I couldn’t find Splash tears at any stores in my area so I checked on line. Thank goodnesses for Amazon! Bought two


Apply 1 to 2 eye drops on each eye and tackle your day with a comfortable vision.
Splash tears Container for Dry Eye Relief
Splash Tears logo in navy blue for the splash tears website

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