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We are a leading company in the development, sale and distribution of ophthalmic products. Our presence in 19 countries makes us an important promoter of visual health. We generate high competitiveness through the development of products that contribute to improving the visual health of people in the world.

Our Brands

We promote its moderate and responsible use.
Our brands provide relief and well-being for temporary discomforts such as irritation, red eye, dry eyes, eyestrain, and contact lens cleaning.

The products do not require a prescription for use, however, the recommendation is to consult an eye health professional.

Splash Tears

It is the dropper solution for dry and itchy eyes. Use splash and refresh your look.

Manzanilla Sophia

The solution of natural origin. Made with purified and sterile chamomile. It helps to rest and clean your eyes so that you continue enjoying all that you like to see.

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