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The Best Kept Secrets About Weight Loss, 5 Tips You Need to Know

Trying to lose weight can be a frustrating journey, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right information, you can succeed. Learn the best-kept secrets about weight loss with Splash Tears. This blog is for you if you’re tired of restricting diets and working out hard to wind up gaining weight again.

Living a healthy life doesn’t have to be restrictive or exhausting. There are many secrets that most people don’t know about losing weight. Calories are important but not as much as you may think. The key to knowing how to keep the weight off is in understanding nutrition and macronutrients.

Counting calories is a thing of the past. Intuitive eating is what’s in. In this blog we will teach you the differences and definitions of some of these terms so you can understand weight loss and help other family members as well. Discover five tips for starting your weight-loss journey today and set yourself up for success with the help of Splash Tears.

How can I obtain a healthy weight and maintain it?

It’s important to have realistic goals when it comes to weight management. Rapid weight loss is not sustainable or unhealthy. Instead of focusing on a specific weight, try setting goals that focus on adopting healthy behaviors, such as eating a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, and getting enough sleep. These habits can help support long-term weight management and your well-being.

A healthy weight leads to a healthier life, longevity and disease prevention like diabetes and hypertension. Splash Tears doesn’t want to give you weight-loss diet recipes that you will not enjoy and will make you fall back into old habits. Providing you with weight loss tips for beginners is our main goal. So here are some quick tips to ease into your weight loss journey. 

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Engage in regular physical activity
  • Monitor portion sizes
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Stay hydrated
  • Get enough sleep


Remember, weight management is not about quick fixes or fad diets. It’s about adopting healthy habits that you can maintain over the long term. So, here are the five best-kept secrets in the weight loss industry. Learn these techniques and you will never struggle with your weight again.

#1 – Understanding calories

Learning to count your calories is a crucial part of weight loss. Knowing how many calories you’re consuming each day can help you track and monitor your progress. Calories and working out works like your money and bank account. Think of it this way: 

Calories = Money 

Body = Bank account

Working out = Transactions

So the more calories you put into your body without any activity the more weight you’ll gain. Similar to adding money to your bank account and never using it or withdrawing it. Your body has natural ways of burning calories even when you sleep. To maintain a healthy weight you should not consume more calories than your body needs to survive. If you engage in physical activity you can eat a little more.

Junk food is usually high in calories but low in nutrients. So to ensure you are well-fed and not starving yourself check section number two to learn about the macronutrients your body needs to remain healthy. 

#2 – What are micronutrients

Understanding macronutrients will help you understand and track your food intake for effective weight loss and maintenance. Macronutrients are essential food groups that include carbs, proteins, and fats. During your diet journey, you’ll need to balance the intake of each macronutrient to get the best results. 

Different types of foods have varying amounts of macronutrients, so it’s important to do research to find out what foods are best for meeting your macronutrient goals. For weight loss you’d want to consume no more than the necessary calories for your body weight. To understand how many calories per meal you are consuming, we added the values per gram of each nutrient. 

Carbohydrates = 4 calories per gram

Protein provides = 4 calories per gram

Fat provides = 9 calories per gram

Now, your weight plays a big role. The heavier you currently are the faster you can lose weight. but remember to be mindful and nourish your body. So if you are a 35 year-old woman, who weighs 200 lbs, and measures 5’3”, you need to consume 1,802 calories a day for weight loss. The more fats you consume the less you can eat because each gram of fat has 9 calories versus each gram of protein or carbohydrates which have 4. Keep this information in mind when eating and planning your workouts.

#3 – Your level of activity

Increasing your activity level is an essential part of any weight loss journey. Whether you’re someone who doesn’t exercise, or looking to ramp up your current routine, making sure you are incorporating some form of physical activity into your weekly schedule is important for reaching your goals. Exercising can not only help you burn calories and aid in weight loss but it also helps improve your mental health and mood.

How much you need to work out is based on how fast you want to lose weight. One safe recommendation is 1lb per week. More than 3lbs per week is considered unhealthy so be careful and eat well. You can do any form of physical activity. Choose one that suits your lifestyle and stick with it. Here at Splash Tears we love running, hiking, swimming, pilates and yoga.

#4 – Healthy vs bad calories

It’s important to distinguish between healthy and not-so-healthy calories when making a weight loss plan. Consuming healthier calories, such as those found in fresh fruit and vegetables, fish or beans, and whole grains, is much more beneficial than eating processed foods with lots of added sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats. Avoiding sugary beverages such as sodas or juice is also essential for weight loss. Eating only foods from the healthy calorie group can help you manage your caloric intake better and aid in your weight loss journey.

This does not mean you need to give up snacks for good. You can still eat a bar of candy but remember these calories will have to be pinched from somewhere else. So, the more snacks you eat, the less satisfied you will be. Luckily there are plenty of fruits and healthy snacks that you can eat while stretching your calories. 

#5 – Splitting your macronutrients

A macronutrient is any nutrient needed in large amounts. The 3 main macronutrients are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. All these nutrients have a different number of calories and should be included in each meal you eat to provide your body with energy. Eating a balanced ratio of macronutrients will help you lose weight and maintain bodily functions. For example, consuming more protein helps build and preserve muscle mass while carbohydrates provide your body with the energy you need to perform daily activities.

So how do you know how much of each to consume? To get started and to get an idea of portions, you can buy a small scale. Then to start off you can weight your portions and translate it to calories using the chart in section 2. Humans need about 45–65% of their daily calories from carbs, 20–35% from fats and 10–35% from protein. 

45–65% = carbs
20–35% = fats
10–35% = protein

Use this calculator to figure out your caloric needs for weight loss then split your macronutrients using the figures above. Some nutritionists argue that you only need not go above 35% on fats but can then distribute proteins and carbs as you want without much worry. So choose a diet that you love and suits you and enjoy eating. 

How do you feel about this blog? Are you ready to kickstart your weight loss journey? Send us a message if you have any other questions or would like to discuss anything you’ve read. Working out can dehydrate you. Drink plenty of water and lubricate your eyes with Splash Tears so you can stay #OntheGo. 

Find Splash Tears on amazon and come join us on Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to spread the word and share this blog with a friend or loved one. 

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