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Hydrate your eyes with our fast-acting formula that rapidly restores and lubricates your eyes for maximum comfort.


It’s as easy as applying 1-2 drops of Splash Tears to each eye. Now all that’s left is to enjoy the relieving moisturization!

a happy woman cooking healthy food for splash tears the best eye drops to use before you cook

3 Tips to Make Calorie Counting Easy

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Your 5-Year Plan Made Easy

A happy woman reading a book in a library for splash tears eye care

5 Book Recommendations to Live a Happier Life

A woman suffering from dry eye after using the computer for a long time for Splash Tears the best eye drops for dry eyes

Dry Eye Symptoms That Could Be Affecting You

A woman happy at work with her lubricant eye drops from splash tears

4 Tips to Thrive at Work

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5 Ways To Set + Achieve Your Career Goals

A woman with stomach pains holding her stomach for the splash tears eye drops blog

How To Heal Your Gut + Live A Healthier Lifestyle

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How Giving Back Can Change Your Life

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8 Ways To Improve Your Wardrobe on a Budget

A woman talking to an uninterested audience in a meeting

How to Inspire Those Around You

a woman writing in an empty journal

Bullet Journaling and Its Benefits

An irritated eye from dry eyes

How to Relieve Dry Eye Symptoms at Home

A table full of food for brunch

How to throw an Unforgettable Brunch Party

woman questioning the vitamins and supplements she is holding

Splash Tears’ Top 5 Recommended Vitamins and Supplements

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Splash Tears’ Top 5 Recommended Organizations That Could Use Your Help

A woman sitting on a treadmill tired of working out cardio

7 Of The Best Cardio Alternatives

A woman working on her computer

Protecting Your Eyes From Screen Time

A girl wearing eye glasses

Best Blue Light Glasses For Your WFH Job

A women taking care of her garden

Prevent Summer Dry Eyes With These Helpful Tips

Alleviate your dry Eyes

Revive your eyes with the effective lubricating formula of Splash Tears.

Splash tears Container for Dry Eye Relief
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