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5 Kitchen Tools You Need To Have In Your Home

They come up with cool kitchen gadgets all the time. But just because they’re new and tiktok trendy, it doesn’t mean they’re functional. In this blog, you’ll learn the importance of basic timeless tools like a cast iron skillet to the versatility of a potato peeler. 

If you love cooking, and want to save time in the kitchen, check the following 5 must-have kitchen tools by your friends of Splash Tears. Having the right tools can make all the difference in your cooking adventures. From simplifying food preparation to enhancing your cooking techniques, these five kitchen tools are absolute must-haves for any cook.


What are the basic must haves in a kitchen?

When it comes to setting up a functional kitchen, there are a few basic must-haves that every home cook should have. Today’s blog will focus on items that may or may not be in this list because today’s blog is about 5 tools that will save you time or improve your technique. The following list includes the basics of all kitchens to be functional. Let’s make sure you have these items. 

  • Knife: A high-quality chef’s knife (big knife) is a versatile and indispensable tool for chopping, slicing, and dicing ingredients. Keep your knife sharp to avoid unwanted pressure against ingredients which leads to cutting yourself. 
  • Cutting Board: A durable cutting board is essential for prepping ingredients and protecting your countertops. Opt for a board made of wood or plastic.
  • Mixing Bowls: Having a set of mixing bowls in different sizes is crucial for various cooking and baking tasks. These bowls are perfect for mixing ingredients, marinating, or serving dishes like salsa.
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons: Accurate measurements are essential in cooking and baking. A set of measuring cups and spoons will ensure precision when mixing ingredients for your recipes.
  • Cookware Set: Invest in a good-quality cookware set that includes a variety of pots and pans.
  • Utensils: A collection of cooking utensils, including spatulas, tongs, whisks, and ladles, for stirring, flipping, and serving food. Two to three tools should be enough as long as it works for you.
  • Baking Sheet: A baking sheet, also known as a cookie sheet, is perfect for baking cookies, roasting vegetables, and much more. Opt for a heavy-duty, non-stick sheet for even heat distribution.
  • Can Opener: Make sure to have a reliable can opener for opening canned goods on the go.
  • Colander: A colander is ideal for draining pasta, rinsing vegetables, and straining liquids from cooked foods.

Now that you know the basics of any kitchen, we can move onto Splash Tears’ top five tools. Let’s see if you have any of these in your kitchen already! 

#1 – Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets are a healthier option to non-stick pans. These skillets do not release harmful chemicals into your food. They’re also very versatile. You can cook the perfect steak and eggs in them or you can also bake beautiful bread as well. They’re durable and can be passed down in the family. 

To take care of your cast iron, keep it away from moisture and season well every once in a while. Your chicken will be seared to perfection and your food will taste much better than in regular pans. Try them today. 

#2 – Thermometer

A thermometer is an essential tool to perfect your cooking. With it you can ensure that your food is cooked to the perfect temperature, guaranteeing safety and a delicious taste.

Meats like poultry, and fish, have specific internal temperature recommendations to ensure they are safe to consume. By using a thermometer, you can measure the internal temperature of the food and ensure that it has reached the appropriate level to kill harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of food poisoning.

It also helps you achieve the desired level of doneness of your steak by measuring the internal temperature and avoiding undercooked or overcooked results. Your cooking will then become more consistent. 

A thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking and ensures that your food is safe and well cooked. It is an invaluable tool for achieving consistency, precision, and optimal taste in your food.

#3 – Ricer

A ricer tool is a kitchen utensil that offers several uses and benefits in culinary preparations. A ricer makes smooth and fluffy mashed potatoes. It helps create a creamy texture by pressing cooked potatoes through small holes, resulting in consistent and lump-free mashed potatoes. The ricer produces a light and airy consistency that is difficult to achieve with other mashing methods. It’s perfect.

It can also be used to create smooth purees from cooked vegetables like carrots, squash, cauliflower, or broccoli. This technique results in silky and uniform purees that are ideal for sauces, soups, or side dishes. Mother’s also use ricers to make homemade baby food. It allows you to transform cooked fruits or vegetables into a smooth and easily digestible consistency for infants.

With a ricer you can transform many ingredients into smoother, more consistent culinary creations. From mashed potatoes to vegetable purees, homemade baby food to dumplings, a ricer tool offers convenience and precision in the kitchen, making it a valuable and versatile tool for cooking enthusiasts.

#4 – Mortar and Pestle

The perfect way to muddle garlic. If you love making salsas, garlic dishes, or work with herbs. You need a mortar and pestle in your kitchen. 

The primary function of a mortar and pestle is to grind and crush ingredients allowing the extraction of flavors while containing them. It allows you to break down herbs, spices, and seeds, releasing their essential oils and flavors. You can grind peppercorns, crush garlic cloves, and much more. A mortar and pestle provide a satisfying and hands-on approach to preparing your ingredients.

A mortar and pestle allows you to create your own custom spice blends. The friction and pressure applied while grinding spices result in a more vibrant and aromatic mixture compared to pre-packaged ground spices. It gives you control over the coarseness and consistency of the blend, allowing you to tailor it to your preference.

Make marinades, crush nuts and seeds, make a ginger-garlic paste, or an herbal medicine, with a mortar and pestle the possibilities are endless. The mortar and pestle offers a traditional approach to food preparation, allowing you to control the texture and flavor profiles of your dishes. Check this tool out today.

#5 – Peeler

This style of potato peeler is the only one you need. With this peeler you can peel your potatoes in no time, clean and julianne your carrots, peel fruits, shave apples, and do so much more. The more you use it, the more you discover how it can save you time. It also makes the perfect asparagus curls for your salads. 

Remember, you don’t need every item in the blog to enjoy cooking but by investing in these tools, you can save time, improve your cooking techniques, and elevate your creations. Whether it’s the durability and versatility of a cast iron skillet, the precision and safety provided by a thermometer, the convenience or the efficiency of a peeler, each tool serves a unique purpose in the kitchen.

So, if you’re passionate about cooking and want to enhance your culinary adventures, make sure to equip yourself with some of these must-have kitchen tools. They will not only simplify your food preparation but also help you achieve consistent results, save time, and elevate the flavors in your dishes.

We hope this information and tips help you decide which tools to add to your kitchen. Your arsenal will grow as your skills and taste buds evolve. Remember, to apply Splash Tears before cooking to reduce the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Enjoy the things you love, like cooking, without the pesky symptoms of dry eyes. Order Splash Tears today on Amazon and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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