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4 Tips to Thrive at Work

Oftentimes, women are merely surviving at work instead of thriving. Employers can forget that women are also homemakers, mothers, tutors, and much more at the same time. Most men wake up, shower, head to work, and then come home to relax. Women wake up, get their children ready, cook breakfast for their family, get themselves ready, drop the kids in school, head to work, pick up groceries, pick up the kids from school, prepare dinner, do laundry, clean the house, and then finally get to relax if they have any spare time. So in a world that overlooks how much harder it is to be a working woman, Splash Tears wants to give you a few tips to thrive at work.

1) Love What You Do and Find Meaning

Without a doubt, it is far easier to do all these tasks when you love what you do. Waking up at 5 am to start your day feels much better when you enjoy your job. So if you are in a situation where you feel stuck or unhappy, sit down and reassess. Should you look for a new job? Or are you taking your current one for granted? We tend to think the grass is always greener. But your current situation may not be as bad as you think. Maybe all you need is a little insight. Is your job flexible? Is your pay good? Is your relationship with your coworkers good? Do you feel free to voice your opinions? Does your employer provide you with the necessary tools to succeed? If not, maybe it is time to go job hunting. But if you answered yes to most of these questions and still feel unhappy, try to figure out why and find new reasons to be grateful for your job.

2) Train and Be Open-Minded

In all aspects of life, there is always room for growth. Don’t be a know-it-all. It is unbecoming and leads nowhere. A beginner’s mindset will set you up for success and make your career grow even further. Ask your employer about opportunities for training, whether internally or via grants to take classes outside of working hours. Most companies encourage their employees to seek further education and may be willing to reimburse the educational cost. Your employer may set up classes during work hours or pay for outside/online courses. Just inquire, the response may surprise you, and you may fall in love with your job once again.

3) Be a Team Player

Be willing to collaborate. A great team player is ready to help and is not afraid to ask for help. Let your coworkers and boss know that you are prepared to assist them in any task they may need help with. This does not mean you should carry the weight of the entire company on your shoulders. It simply means that if anyone has questions or needs input about a task, you can be someone they can come to. This will eventually turn you into an authoritative figure in your field and may land you a promotion.

4) Be Courageous and Resilient

Do not be afraid to come up with new ideas. Be fearless and run new ideas or projects through your bosses. This also means that you need to have thick skin. Being open to rejection and knowing it is never personal will make you a more resilient, hardworking, and creative individual. Being ok with being told “not yet” or “not at this time” will make you a valuable player. Whenever you hear no, remember, it’s just an opportunity to find new outlets. Don’t overanalyze it or self-deprecate over your idea not being accepted. You never know if this can be used later down the road. So just be kind to yourself, be resilient, and find new creative ways to improve your work.

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Give these tips a try, work hard, and see your career take off. For those long work days, enjoy a splash of relief with our lubricant eye drops. We hope this blog helps you stand out in your company and maybe even get a promotion. Show us how your work day is going by using the hashtag #ONTHEGO. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for more career and lifestyle tips.

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