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5 Scary Consequences of Dry Eye Syndrome You Need to Know

Did you know there are worse reactions from dry eye syndrome than only painful or itchy eyes? Uncomfortable eyes are never fun, but vision loss or eye ulcers can be extra scary. If you don’t treat dry eyes, some terrible things can arise.

Splash Tears has gathered a list of five devastating things that could occur if you disregard your dry eyes. Knowledge is power. So, come learn with us about these diseases and get ready to boost your eye care routine.

Isn’t Dry Eye Syndrome Just Plain Dry Eyes?

Yes and no. Yes, dry eye syndrome is a disease characterized by the lack of production of tears or the production of insufficient tears. If left unattended, dry eyes can become a much more concerning disorder. You can go from getting micro-tears in your eyes to developing glaucoma to ultimately losing your sight. Who would want that? Not you! A diet rich in Omega 3, proper hydration, artificial tears, and exercise can all help you reduce the chances of developing any of these terrible side effects. Keep reading to learn more if you suffer from dry eyes. 

#1 – Corneal ulcers

If your eyes don’t produce good tears, you could be at risk of corneal ulcers. The cornea is the outermost layer of your eyes. It is delicate and needs proper lubrication to function. 

Your cornea stays dry if you suffer from dry eye syndrome and don’t treat it. This dryness in your eyes can lead to corneal ulcers, which are open sores in that delicate layer. Don’t wait until you reach this painful state. Take care of your eyes today with lubricating eye drops and proper measures to deal with this syndrome.

When treated right away, corneal ulcers can heal. Good treatment consists of antibiotics and antifungal eye drops. These treatments often need to be applied every hour and with consistency. This condition can heal in about three weeks with the right treatment.

#2 – Corneal abrasion

You get injuries to your cornea when your tears fail to lubricate your eyes properly. Your eyes are unable to clean themselves without tears. Because of this, you end up with abrasions to your delicate corneal surface. 

Some symptoms of corneal abrasion include blurry vision, a gritty sensation in your eyes, redness, and sensitivity. These minor scratches can be very painful if left unattended. They can also lead to more severe issues, as discussed below.

All these symptoms are connected like a chain reaction. So, pay close attention to your eyes, how they feel, and if they’re well lubricated. Good visual health is vital to living a fulfilling life.

#3 – High risk of infection

The injuries your eyes develop as a result of dry eye syndrome can come with bad repercussions. If left unattended, these ocular wounds can get infected, which can be devastating and very painful. 

Avoid injuries to your cornea by eating a diet high in Omega 3, drinking plenty of water, and exercising. Those activities lead to better visual health. 

If you suffer from chronic dry eye and notice your eyes sting more than usual, visit your physician. Your ophthalmologist can prescribe you medications to heal your cornea and prevent a bothersome infection.

#4 – Eye inflammation

When your eyes lack the lubrication of natural tears, they cannot clean themselves. This makes you prone to wounds on the outer surface of your eyes and can lead to infections, as described above.

To understand this reaction, you must understand your immune system. Like with any other wound in your body, when you have corneal injuries, your immune system sends lots of white blood cells to your eyes to heal them. This causes an inflammatory response. In this case, you end up with dry and inflamed eyes, which can be very daunting.

This is why physicians call dry eye syndrome a “vicious cycle of inflammation.” They are right. In an attempt to make things better, your immune system ends up worsening your dry eye situation. To support your eye health, use lubricating eye drops such as Splash Tears. 

#5 – Vision impairment

When all the reasons above are combined, the inevitable could happen, loss of sight. This can be a reduction in vision or blindness. Prevent this unfortunate outcome by getting a hold of your visual health today.

Some steps you can take include:

  1. a) Eating a diet rich in Beta-carotene and Omega 3,
  2. b) Staying active,
  3. c) Drinking plenty of water,
  4. d) Practicing eye exercises, and
  5. e) Supplementing your dry eyes with a gentle lubricating solution. 

Key vitamins for eye health include vitamin A, C, and E. Loss of sight can be devastating, do not give dry eye syndrome a chance to take over your sight. Learn more about your eye health with Splash Tears. 

Thank you for reading our blog. Is there anything you want to learn more about or a topic you want to dive deeper into? Send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook. You can check our other blogs for more eye health tips, career growth, and personal development. We hope you enjoyed this blog, and please share it with a friend if you think they’ll find this helpful. As always, Splash Tears is here to help you ease your dry eye symptoms. Our fast-acting formula is made with electrolytes to bring comfort to your dry eyes and keep you going! Grab yours today on Amazon.

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