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Dry Eye Symptoms That Could Be Affecting You

Dry eye syndrome can display many symptoms. Splash Tears has gathered some of the most common ones to help you identify them. If you or a loved one suffers from dry eye, relieve the symptoms with Splash Tears. Keep reading to learn more about dry eye.

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Watery Eyes

Many people with dry eye don’t realize their condition and seem confused when told, “oh, you have dry eye” they often say, “no, the opposite.” The watery effect is part of the defense mechanism of your eye. The eye keeps producing tears to alleviate your dry eye condition but lacks the necessary elements to have an effect, so you just end up rubbing and irritating your eyes even further.

Blurry Vision

Having blurry vision can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous at times – when driving or operating machinery. The blurry vision that accompanies dry eye syndrome is an on-and-off sensation. Almost as if someone poured milk or a thin layer of glue on your eyes, and it often goes away quickly.


When bright lights disorient you, give you watery eyes, and cause you migraines, you can safely assume that you have photophobia. What is photophobia? Nothing more than a fancy term for hypersensitivity to light. If your eyes often hurt when exposed to bright lights or you end up with migraines after being outside, try wearing sunglasses and blue light glasses throughout the day.


We get red eyes when small blood vessels on the eyes become enlarged and congested with blood. One of the most common symptoms of dry eye is having persistent red eyes due to irritation and dryness. Soothing your dry eyes often alleviates the redness as well. Enjoy fast-acting relief with Splash Tears.


That awful feeling of having sand or something in your eye driving you crazy. If you often rub your eyes, trying to get rid of whatever is in them, but nothing comes off, it may mean you have irritated eyes. Gritty eyes are irritated eyes caused by a lack of proper tears. Splash Tears is formulated with hypromellose to lubricate and hydrate your eyes quickly, so you don’t have to endure eye pain. 

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We hope this list helps you identify and alleviate dry eye symptoms, should you suffer from it. Remember to always consult with your physician. Find immediate relief from those annoying dry eye symptoms with our lubricating eye drops, Splash Tears. Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube to learn more.

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