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How to Relieve Dry Eye Symptoms at Home

Dry eye symptoms can be quite disrupting. Nothing is worse than being on the road, and all of a sudden, your eyes are covered in heavy tears, and you can barely see where you are driving. This is a side effect of your eyes overcompensating due to dry eye symptoms. Some causes of dry eye include an improper diet lacking essential oils, not drinking enough water, overexposure to the sun, dust, or air conditioning, hormonal changes, autoimmune disease, and seasonal allergies. Splash Tears has put together a list of things you can do to mitigate dry eye symptoms. Come learn with us how to get rid of those annoying dry eye symptoms and have better eye health.

Warm Compresses

Having inflamed eyelids or dry debris around your eyes can limit or block the amount of oil released within your tears. For our natural tears to be effective, they need to be a combination of water, oil, and mucus. When we lack one or more of those components, our eye drops are not as adequate at hydrating and lubricating our eyes. A warm compress on the eye area cleanses and aids in releasing natural oils, making your natural tears more potent and effective.

Humidifiers and Splash Tears

When winter hits in the Northern Hemisphere, many begin suffering from dry eyes. This occurs because cold air holds significantly less moisture than warm air, causing a rapid disruption to your eyes, resulting in dry eyes. To mitigate this seasonal effect, you can use a humidifier. You can find affordable ones at your local department store or online. Use a humidifier while you sleep and use it throughout the day to prevent your tears from evaporating quickly. Another great way to soothe dry eyes is lubricating eye drops such as Splash Tears. These eye drops are formulated with Hypromellose which quickly adheres to the surface of your eye to replenish the tear film and relieve you from all these annoying symptoms.

Blinking Exercises

Another fantastic way to prevent dry eyes is by blinking often and performing blinking exercises. Blinking exercises are simple and require no equipment. Just look away from your book or laptop and relax your eyes. Open your eyes, close them, and pause. With your eyes still closed, look left, right, up, and down. This will stimulate the production of natural tears in your eyes and soothe the effects of dry eye syndrome. When you finish your exercises, you can supplement with a few drops of Splash Tears to ensure no part of your film tear is exposed.

Proper Hydration, Vitamins, and Oils

As discussed above, you need water, oil, and mucus to have functional natural tears. When the eye lacks one or more of those components, you end up with dry eye syndrome. This is why a proper diet is so crucial for dry eye patients. Ensure you drink enough water throughout your day based on your weight and eat healthy meals that include healthy fats instead of saturated ones. Include fish, legumes, avocados, and salads to have all the necessary nutrients to fight dry eye from the inside out. For the dry, windy days when nothing helps, leave it to Splash Tears to keep you on the go.

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We hope these tips help you reduce the symptoms of dry eye from the comfort of your home and without much hassle. For difficult days when your eyes can’t seem to find relief, use Splash Tears and enjoy the long-lasting lubrication that our eye drops provide. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more career and health tips.

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