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5 Ways To Save Money On Christmas Presents

Why Splash Tears Eye Drops Wants To Help You Save Money This Christmas

Christmas is around the corner. Without a doubt, you want to show your loved ones your appreciation by giving them a thoughtful present. But showing people how much you care and love them does not need to break the bank. From your boyfriend to your grandma, we have you covered with low-cost presents that will have everyone feeling loved and valued. Let Splash Tears eye drops show you a few tips and tricks to save money this Christmas.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Start early. Starting your shopping in the early months gives you the advantage of cashing in on fantastic deals such as prime day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Some companies even extend their Cyber Monday to cyber week, so you have seven days of deals instead of one. A good thing to do is to write a list of gifts for your loved ones. Have the list ready for when these deals arrive so you can quickly shop instead of browsing aimlessly and risking losing your chance to buy those perfect gifts. Items last only a short time during these sales, so having your list ready is the best thing to do. Prime day usually occurs in July, Black Friday at the end of November, and Cyber Monday right after Black Friday. So start early and save lots of money.

Amazon Daily Deals

Amazon is another fantastic way to save money all year long and during the holidays. Daily deals are available to everyone, and prime members also enjoy free delivery on all purchases. All you have to do is search for the desired item, select filters, scroll down to deals & discounts, and select “Today’s deals.” These are flash deals that last 24 hours only but will save you a significant amount of money. Save anywhere from 5% to 40% by using this quick tip. If you are not a prime member, you can sign up for a trial and enjoy free delivery on daily deals for 30 days. This way, you don’t have to pay for delivery of all different items while they are on sale, or you can consider getting a membership. Maybe share the cost of the membership with a friend or family member. At Amazon, you can find gifts for the entire family, from kids’ toys to wrenching tools for dad. If you have family members who suffer from eye, you can order a few boxes of Splash Tears to help them alleviate those pesky symptoms so they can enjoy the holidays with peace of mind.

Discount Department Stores

This is an excellent way to save money for all United States residents during the holidays. Stores such as T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Sierra, Tuesday Morning, Dirt Cheap, and Ollies have great clothing, shoes, and household items at the lowest prices. Find gifts for the entire family at these department stores that will not disappoint them. Easy Christmas gifts for your boyfriend include cologne sets, jackets, tools, or shoes from T.J.Maxx. For mom and grandma, you can find clothing, kitchen, or gardening tools at Tuesday morning. For the outdoorsy ones in your family, Sierra is a fantastic option. The Brands sold at these stores are often of excellent quality, they are simply out of season or old styles, but the quality remains the same. Surprise your loved ones with a seemingly expensive gift that did not cost you a month’s salary.

Cheat Codes

You may not be able to buy your entire Christmas list here. Still, you can reap some amazing savings by shopping sporadically at stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels. These stores have a weekly Ad that they release on Sundays. These Ads come with discounts as high as 75%. You can only use it for one item, but savings of 75% are unparalleled. Grab your grandma that decor or dishware she’s so been wanting for a fraction of the regular price. You can also visit the store several times a week if you wish to purchase more than one item at the discounted price. But remember, you can only use one code per purchase per visit.


The final and most intimate option is always a do-it-yourself gift. Grab some yarn, wood, drawing pads or paint and get at it yourself. Create something meaningful for your loved ones, something you put your time and effort into. This will make people in your life feel extra valued. It’s easy to spend $50.00 on a gift, but most people hesitate to put their time into a thoughtful present. Handmade gifts will always eclipse the value of store-bought ones. You can mix bath salts with herbs and oils for the women in your family and pair it with a small gift card to a coffee shop you know they love or a department store. You can also create a quick stocking stuffer with small items such as lipsticks, gift cards, lotions, chocolate, eye drops, and other small things that can easily fit in a stocking for everyone in the family. Just get creative and think of what everyone enjoys. Make it personalized! Gifts do not need to be big. They simply need to reflect that you know the person well and that you invested time into their gift.

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There you have it. Five simple yet effective ways to save money and make your loved ones feel important these holidays. Do you have any other tips that we did not list here? Leave us a comment with your tips, and share this blog with a person who is getting ready to tackle their Christmas gift list. We hope these holidays bring you peace and happiness. To soothe your eyes, use splash tears eye drops. One to two drops a day will keep those annoying symptoms away. Thank you for reading, and happy holidays.

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