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10 Festival Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out

Festival season is upon us, and we know you want to look your best. But with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. Your friends at Splash Tears got you covered with these 10 festival outfits to make you stand out from the crowd and feel amazing.

We’ll give you 10 festival outfits for women that you’ll love. You can put these outfits together with almost anything you got in your closet. Minimum shopping required, from boho to rocker to cozy styles. So whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or a newbie, read on for some serious style inspiration. Let’s get started!

#1 – Bell bottoms

Yes, they’re back! Fashion is cyclical. So this fun style is back. Pick your favorite crop top and pair it with a fun set of bell bottoms. They can be jeans or elastic like these. Choose colorful prints and add a hat of your choice.

You can wear big 70s glasses or apply glitter to your body and eyelids for some spark! Don’t forget a tiny clutch or purse to carry your essentials like, lipstick, sunscreen, and chamomile eye drops to soothe your eyes during the concerts.

#2 – Retro

Let’s take it back to Woodstock, right? Turn heads with a lovely retro outfit. Dress hippie-style and have the most fun at the festival. You can choose from lovely dresses to fun shorts and flowy T-shirts.

Colorful outfits are the best for festival season. Show your personality and style with a vivid outfit that everyone will love. Don’t forget to pair it with big earrings, bandanas, retro glasses, and high boots. And above all, be yourself and have fun.

#3 – Costume

Another excellent idea for festival outfits is having a personalized costume. You may need to buy some items for this but not too many. You can put it together yourself at home. Pair your favorite set of shorts with some stockings and a crop top of your choice. You can add strings to your arms or buy a set of wings online.

Remember, the most important part is to feel comfortable with your outfit so you can jump around and be yourself. Give this butterfly costume a try and turn heads during your next festival.

#4 – Dresses

Flow around the grounds with a beautiful maxi dress. Not only will you look ethereal, but you’ll be fresh and cool the entire festival. Choose from a variety of colors, styles, and lengths.

Add accessories to bring up your beauty and elevate your outfit. Pair the dress with sandals or a nice set of boots to keep your feet protected throughout the festival. Don’t forget that the best thing you can ever wear is a smile. Be yourself and have fun at the festival.

#5 – Braids and glitter

If you don’t want to wear lots of layers but want to look festival-sy. Give this a try! Simply wear your favorite outfit. It can be pants, shorts, leggings, or any other outfit of your choice, then pair it with braids and glitter.

You can do loose fish braids and add glitter around your eyes and cheeks. Add sticky face gems as well for an extra touch of cuteness, and do a bold makeup. Choose daring colors, and don’t be afraid to try new things. You can also add scarves or bandanas to your hair when braiding it to make it look fuller and more colorful. 

#6 – Hard rock

Some festivals are grunge, so if you want to look fierce, we’ve got you covered. Choose darker shades like gray, brown, and black. You can wear leather pants, your favorite band T-shirt, and boots.

Combat boots and shorts are beautiful, effortless, and most people have them at home. You can also wear skirts with fishnets. Choose an outfit that helps you feel comfortable and allows you to be yourself. There’s something for everyone out there.

#7 – Sets

Everyone has at least one set at home. Whether it’s pants and crop top, leggings, or skirts. You can dress that up for a festival. All you need to do is wear your confidence and style your hair in a fun way.

You can add color to your hair with these quick temporary dyes. If you’ve got short hair, braid the top and add a few colorful strands. You can dye long hair before braiding to create a rainbow effect. So, pick your favorite set, add color to your hair, do some fun makeup, and head to the festival with your friends. Don’t leave your bottle of water and splash Tears behind. You’ll need them.

#8 – Boho-chic

If you don’t want to be fully retro. Give boho-chic a try. This is a fairly new style that emerged around 2005. Boho gathers inspiration from various cultures and artistic expressions into a unique style.

Choose your favorite set of pieces and get to work. To achieve the perfect boho look, you’ll need loose and floaty fabrics. Add flowy scarves, tops, and dresses. An uneven shape and cuts are also the main points of boho. So gather your favorite pieces, add some long jewelry, and you are ready to party.

#9 – Cute

If you want a modest outfit but still want to look gorgeous, go for something simple, you already own. A cute flowy dress, a body suit, or your favorite outfit will do. There are no rules as to what you can wear to festivals. As long as you feel great, you’ll have a good time.

Pair your favorite outfit with combat boots to protect your feet from getting stumped. You can also wear booties or leather boots. Show off your style without much fuss and be yourself. Add fun accessories like a bucket or rancher hat. You can wear a fanny pack or a little leather crossbody bag to carry all your accessories.

#10 – Jeans a boots

If you love country style, this is for you. You can choose bootcut jeans or bell bottoms. Pair it with a nice button-down shirt or your favorite crop top, and you’ll be good to go. Don’t forget to take a jacket or cardigan in case the temperature drops at night. 

Have fun doing your makeup and hair, add accessories, and show off your style. Remember, the best thing you can always wear is a positive attitude and a great smile. Don’t overthink your outfits. Choose comfort and style, and you’ll have a great time festival-ing with your friend.

Have an idea? Let’s hear it. If you have an outfit idea not listed here, let us know in the comment section. Share this blog with a friend to help them prepare for the festival season. Festivals are so much fun but can also be exhausting. Remember to take Splash Tears with you to keep your eyes lubricated so you can party all you want. Don’t let dry, sore eyes stop you! Find us on Facebook or Instagram. Get your bottle of Splash Tears on Amazon today.

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