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How Giving Back Can Change Your Life

“The most powerful forms of giving are nonmaterial — the gifts of caring, attention, affection, appreciation, and love are some of the most precious gifts you can give, and they don’t cost you anything.” – Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

The meaning of giving changes a lot throughout our lives. As children, we put so much value on material things: big Christmas toys, beautiful Thanksgiving baskets, big wrapped gifts for birthdays, and more. As we grow up, we begin to put more value on time because we have so little of it. Between our jobs, school, children, relationships, and sleep, we are left with a few meager 2-3 hours a day to ourselves. So if someone shares their time with you, be appreciative of it. Today, Splash Tears wants to show you how the gift of giving goes both ways. You do not need to be a philanthropist to enjoy the benefits of giving. Read ahead to learn with us how giving can make your life better.

Make Someone Smile

By doing something small for a stranger, such as paying for their cup of coffee, buying a pastry, giving a compliment, gifting a box of Splash Tears, or leaving a positive sticky note, you’ll be helping yourself. This is because when you make someone feel good, that feeling bounces back to you. Seeing their happiness or simply knowing they will be happy with your small gift will warm your heart and set you off for a day full of positive energy. This happiness will then avalanche upon others. They will be happier and want to do something good for others as well, all while the ones around you notice how happy you are, making them feel safe and cheerful in your presence.

Learning To Let Go

“If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it” – Luke 17:33.

“You can only lose what you cling to.” – Buddha.

Both the scriptures and Buddha tell us that the more we hold and cling on to things, the likelier we are to lose them. So why hold onto what you cannot control. Let go of your lovers; give them the gift of space. Let go of your money; give some to charity. Let go of your time; call your mother or grandfather, and spend time with your loved ones. The more you mindfully let go, the more you will have. Share a meal with your neighbor or buy your friend lunch and discover how, soon enough, these blessings will return to you in ways you cannot even conceive. So, by giving and letting go, you are gifting yourself marvelous surprises. Try it!

Lower Mortality Rates

Giving makes us healthier! Isn’t that just wonderful? By volunteering for one or two institutions, your mortality rates will be 63 percent lower than non-volunteers. This was discovered in a study performed by the University of Berkeley in 1999, where elderly subjects who volunteered often were studied against their counterparts. Well, there you have it. Another fabulous reason to be selfless and give the best gift you can give to the world, your time. Look up institutions nearby. Shelters and soup kitchens are often in need of volunteers. So help yourself by helping those in need.

Promotes A Collaborative Environment

A wealthy life is not measured in dollars. No one lies on their deathbed smiling over a bank account they are about to leave behind. What is life without our family, friends, pets, and kind strangers here and there? Instead, by giving, we promote a culture of collaboration. Think of your upbringing. As children, we saw our mothers, grandmothers, and aunts gather and create stunning meals and desserts for family quinceañeras or get-togethers. That is the culture we should seek to nurture! This can be applied to your love life, career, interpersonal relationships, children, and even strangers. Just walk around life with a giving heart, and the world’s generosity will find its way back to you.

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We hope you enjoyed this blog and feel ready to spread some kindness and positivity into this world that desperately needs it. Find creative ways to give to your family, community, and strangers, it will only make the world a better place. How about leaving a bottle of Splash Tears on your coworker’s desk, the one who often complains about the air conditioner? It will make their life a lot better without those pesky dry eye symptoms. We are glad you made it this far. Show us how you implement these tips into your life by using the hashtags #SplashTears and #OnTheGo. If you want to donate to a charity read our blog on “Splash Tears’ Top 5 Recommended Organizations That Could Use Your Help” for some recommendations!

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