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How to Inspire Those Around You

Splash Tears wants you to be your best self and live an extraordinary life. Some people live their lives quietly and enjoy solitude. Others need more socialization and like the idea of being a role model to future generations, friends, or family members. To inspire others, we first need to look inside and see what we have to offer to the world. Let Splash Tears show you a few tips and tricks to become a better person and be an inspiration to the ones you care about.

Be Kind to Everyone

People who usually inspire us to be better are kind. They are secure in themselves and can therefore extend the kindness they carry within to those around them. Have you ever left someone’s home feeling so relaxed and grateful? Aim to be that friend. Strive to do good. Even during difficult times when others are not being kind to you, either remove yourself from the situation or be kind to them. By doing this, the unkind person will be called out on their negative behavior, and your light will inspire them to be better.

Be Yourself

There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than an authentic human—someone who does not need validation and is willing to take risks and be themselves. By not trying to copy others, you will inspire those around you and the younger generation, particularly if you have a unique skill set or are a minority. Oftentimes, children of minority groups have few or zero people to look up to. You don’t need to be a celebrity or a well-known artist to inspire others. You can make a difference within your block, neighborhood, and community.

Practice Gratitude

Wake up every day and practice gratitude. Being grounded and grateful makes you more approachable and welcoming to others; therefore, you have a better chance of instilling a positive change in the lives of others. This practice can be difficult if you have never done it or don’t know where to start. Don’t worry; Splash Tears is here to help you. You can start your mornings with some mild incense or palo santo, a short meditation, and journaling. Remember to drink water in the mornings to stay hydrated. If you burn incense or palo santo, make sure you have Splash Tears to hydrate your eyes after exposure to indoor smoke to avoid dry eye symptoms.

Have Strong Boundaries

Secure, grown, safe adults have strong boundaries and are stern about self-care. By maintaining yours, you will inspire others to build or strengthen their own, consequently becoming better people thanks to your influence. So how do we develop firm boundaries? Although easy once you get the hang of it, maintaining boundaries can be an arduous task at first. To start off; be transparent, don’t take things personally, be ok with being told no, voice your expectations, don’t overshare your personal life, value your opinions, and lastly, the two most important ones; separate your feelings from the feelings of others and do not put expectations on people. Placing expectations on others only leads to hurt feelings and disappointment for you.

Be the Change You Want to See

Have you ever seen someone picking up trash in a public space, prompting you to look around and see if you can also pick up some? This is the beauty of humanity. Yes, bad habits can rub off, but more often than not, we want to be good people. So the more good you do, the more you’ll inspire those around you. Do you want a cleaner neighborhood? Grab a trash bag and get to cleaning. Soon enough, your neighbors will notice, and they may start joining you for clean-up walks. Want to see more community involvement? Figure out a way to have a small band or an artist market. Nowadays, it’s very easy to set up a community event. Simply use Meetup or Facebook groups. Soon, your little seed of change will sprout, and those around you will be inspired.

A woman inspiring her coworkers in a meeting

We hope you introduce these methods into your life, so you can be an inspiration to the ones around you. Thank you for reading our blogs. Protect your eyes from wind, dust, and dry air with our electrolyte-enriched lubricating eyebrows, Splash Tears. Don’t let anything stop you. Remain on the go with a Splash of relief. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more lifestyle and career content.

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