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Is Caffeine Worsening Your Dry Eyes, or Could It Help?

For many years we’ve regarded coffee as a drink that we love but may not be the best for us. Replacements come out every day, mushroom coffee, dandelion root coffee, black tea, and many other herbs that try to take over our most beloved grain. But where the difference lies in the content of xanthine that coffee has. Let’s learn about the link between coffee and dry eye syndrome with the best lubricant eye drops, Splash Tears. Hint; you can go brew a cup while you read this blog. 

Legendary Energy Source 

The legend of Kaldi tells us the very beginnings of coffee. This Ethiopian legend states that a young goat herder named Kaldi noticed his goats were acting strange and not sleeping at night after eating the berries of a certain plant, -a coffee plant. After this discovery, Kaldi shared this knowledge with the abbot at the monastery who then brewed a tea with the berries (coffee beans) and observed how he was far more alert during evening prayer than ever before. All the other monks then started drinking the tea and reported this back to Kaldi. In time coffee spread to the Arabian peninsula and the rest of the world.

Powerful Compound

So, how can coffee mitigate your dry eye symptoms? Thanks to its compound, Xanthine. Xanthine is a purine based compound found in coffee that can stimulate the production of tears. According to a few studies, Schirmer scores increased after caffeine intake predominantly at the 45 and 90 minutes mark post consumption. The amount of caffeine consumed by the individuals in the study was 5.0 mg per each kg of body weight dissolved in 200ml of water. So, a small to moderate amount of coffee or tea each day can help you manage your dry eye symptoms.

We know you love coffee in all of its forms. Now, you know it can also be beneficial for you. Caffeine also has anti-inflammatory effects which can aid other ocular diseases related to retinal inflammation such as glaucoma and age related macular disease. So, start your morning right with a cup of joe and a couple of Splash Tears lubricant eye drops.

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Here are some of our favorite tea and coffee recipes so you can get your caffeine on. Thank you for making it to the end of our blog. We hope you enjoyed learning something new and look forward to helping you with all your dry eye needs. Our fast acting lubricating eye drops are always there for you to keep you #ONTHEGO when nothing can manage those pesky dry eye symptoms. Grab yours today. Available at Walmart and Amazon. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more dry eye tips and content. Splash Tears wishes you a fantastic day!

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