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Protecting Your Eyes From Screen Time

Screens, we love them, we hate them, but either way, they are part of our life for good. Many people are working from home or are just using their phones more. And that’s perfectly fine, but we do need to be aware that more screen time can be rough on your eyes. You may start your day by checking your phone for emails, texts, and a good morning’s from your Discord group. Then you’re on your computer for work, going on zoom meetings, and doing your work. Then after work, you’re helping your kids with online homework or doing your homework. Either way, you’re on your screen all day and we want to help your eyes not feel the weight of it. Here are our tips for happy, healthy eyes!

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Place Your Computer Monitor at Eye Level

Your desktop or laptop should be placed higher to ease the strain on your eyes. You can also place your laptop on a riser and use a separate laptop. Bonus, this also helps with your neck and that naggy laptop hunch.

A woman looking at the glare of a computer

Reduce the Glare on Your Screen

If you’re working from home, you might have a lot of sunlight. But if you’re in an office, you may not have any sunlight at all! Working in natural light is easier on your eyes than working in fluorescent office lighting. Although, glare is a common cause of eye strain, no matter the source of light. Position your workspace so sunlight or home lighting does not cause a glare on your computer screen. Adjust your window shades, blinds, or curtains if you can’t adjust your computer.

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Remember to Take Breaks

We get it. Sometimes you’re in the zone at work, you just want to keep going. Remember, just like your stomach needs a lunch break, your eyes need a screen break. Schedule breaks into your day or set a timer that reminds you to look up and give your eyes a breather.

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Don’t Forget to Blink!

Did you know that blinking is your body’s natural way of replenishing the moisture in your eyes? When you’re looking at your screen, you blink much less. When you blink, tears spread across your eyes to clean, moisturize, and protect your eyes. Remind yourself to blink throughout the day, especially if you feel your eyes start drying out. If blinking alone doesn’t help relieve your dry eyes, try Splash, which contains hypromellose for advanced comfort.

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