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5 Traditions Splash Tears Eye Drops Love About Latino Christmas

Why Splash Tears Eye Drops Cares About Latino Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a great time regardless of where you are in the globe. But undoubtedly, being of Hispanic or Latino heritage brings a unique sense of unity and colorfulness to this already joyful holiday. From the food to the events and decor, being Hispanic during Christmas is something to be proud of and celebrate openly. Splash Tears, the best lubricating eye drops, has gathered five of the many things we love about celebrating Christmas in a Latino household. Keep reading to learn more and implement them in your holidays if you haven’t.

1) Tamales

One thing everyone looks forward to on Christmas in Latino households is the incredibly delicious tamales. All countries make them differently, but everyone has their version of Tamales. In Mexico, for example, these are made with corn masa dough filled with pork and wrapped in corn husks. In Costa Rica, tamales are made from masa with vegetables and beef inside and wrapped in banana leaves. Regardless of what they’re made of or wrapped in, Tamales will always be a delicacy that the entire family looks forward to enjoying during Christmas. 

2) Villancicos

Villancicos are the Latino version of Christmas carols for Hispanic countries. Every Latino would agree that the most notable villancico out there is “Burrito Sabanero.” Everyone grew up listening to this song around the holidays. It was written by Venezuelan musician Hugo Blanco in 1972 and sung by Simon Diaz. Many versions now exist, including one by renowned Colombian singer Juanes. The song narrates the crusade of a donkey traveling to Belén (Bethlehem) to see baby Jesus being born. It is quite catchy and sweet. The most notable version will always be the one recorded by the children’s band “La Rondallita” which gave the song worldwide recognition. Check this version out here

3) Pesebres

Also known as nacimiento or belén (birth or bethlehem), pesebres are lovely displays of art that detail the birth of baby Jesus in Jerusalem. They include the virgin Mary, Joseph, and the Magi, or three wise men who visited Jesus after his birth bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Pesebres in Latin countries are made with great care and detail. Mamás often use real moss, small figurines, and tiny Christmas lights to represent the humble arrival of baby Jesus to this world in a manger. So, will you try to build a Pesebre in your home? Here are some tips.

4) Posadas

Las Posadas represent the harsh pilgrimage that Joseph and the Virgin Mary made to Bethlehem, Jerusalem, to comply with the census rules. During this pilgrimage, they begged for shelter, and Mary gave birth to Jesus in a manger. It is unknown whether Mary was on a Donkey led by Joseph or if they were part of a Caravan. Nevertheless, Las posadas portray this pilgrimage. Families in Mexico and many Latin countries go around the neighborhood starting on December 16th and gather in different homes until December 24th. Families pray the rosary, enjoy delicious meals, drinks, desserts, and even have piñatas. It is a beautiful tradition to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

5) Staying up Late

In The United States, children go to bed on the 24th and wake up early on the 25th, eager to open their presents. In Latin America, children are allowed to stay up all night because families open gifts at midnight on the 24th. It is an exciting time, particularly for the little ones who are told all year long to go to bed early. This is a time to be cheerful, sing, dance, eat, celebrate, and share presents with each other. Whether they play amigo secreto (dirty santa) or have a gift for each family member, it is thrilling for the kids to stay up and spend time with the grown-ups. 

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This is it for now. What are your favorite Christmas traditions? Does your family do anything unique during Christmas? Leave us a comment with the details. We want to get to know you and learn from all the families around the world. We hope these holidays bring you joy and a great time around your loved ones. Keep in mind that staying up late and prolonged cooking during the holidays can further aggravate your dry eye symptoms. Splash Tears can quickly and effectively alleviate those pesky symptoms with just one or two drops. Grab yours today! Are you interested in learning more about dry eye, lifestyle, and career advancement? Explore our blog page and find plenty of topics that may interest you. Happy holidays!

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