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4 Habits to Improve Your Health From the Makers of Splash Tears Eye Drops

Why Splash Tears Eye Drops Cares About Your Health

Everyone wants to live a long healthy life, but not everyone is committed to doing what it takes to achieve it. Splash Tears eye drops want to see you living your best life for as long as possible. To have a healthy mind and body, you must take the necessary steps. So today, we bring you 5 habits that will improve your life and bring you joy. Apply one or two eye drops of our lubricating eye drop formula before reading so you don’t miss a second of this informative blog.

1) A Colorful Plate 

Eating a well-balanced diet will have your body and mind working optimally. According to Myplate.gov, half of your plate should be comprised of vegetables and fruits. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and fiber, which have been linked with good cardiovascular disease and low obesity. So, not only are vegetables beautiful and delicious, but they have incredible benefits all around. Choose colorful organic veggies and fruits such as carrots, broccoli, wild corn, watermelon, and more. You can add vegetables to pasta and make freezer pops or smoothies with fruits. Pair your veggies with a lean protein, and your body will thank you for it.

2) Yoga Or Stretching

If your goal is to remain healthy and flexible like Johanna Quaas, sitting on your desk and sofa all day long will not take you there. Spend at least 30 minutes a day stretching or doing an activity like yoga or pilates. Every day, Americans are becoming more and more sedentary. Say no to being part of the statistics by staying active, stretching, walking instead of driving, skating, riding a bike, or doing some form of activity. Your muscles and joints need exercise and stretching to remain functional. The “use it or lose it” quote very much applies to your body. If you don’t stay active, you will be cracking and hurting by age 40. So why subject yourself to diseases that could have been easily prevented with an active lifestyle? Ditch the Doritos and head to the park now! But don’t forget to apply one or two drops of our lubricating eye drops, so the wind does not hurt your eyes.

3) Reading Or Sudoku

Want to have a healthy brain for many years? Drop that smartphone and grab a puzzle or a book. Studies have found a correlation between a sharp brain and doing puzzles such as Sudoku. It is of the utmost importance to prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Again, just like five bicep curls a day won’t turn you into a bodybuilder, nor will a sporadic game of Sudoku. Commit to consistency and challenge your brain. Most people shy away from math and complex puzzles, but there lies the key to a healthy brain. Challenge yourself and reap incredible health benefits with a few puzzles a week.

4) A Musical Instrument

Music is not only relaxing and inspirational, but it also provides the brain with incredible benefits. Studies have shown that musicians have larger brains than their non-musically inclined counterparts. Not only will you be able to serenade your loved ones and provide ample entertainment, but you will be smarter than the rest. Other studies have also found that music is a great mood stabilizer that helps people with schizophrenia, depression, and even chronic pain. So today is a great day to learn an instrument. Grab a guitar or keyboard and begin learning. In today’s world, the options are endless. You can use YouTube, Yousician, Chordify, or an online tutor to quickly learn an instrument. This will keep your hands and brain sharp and will make you feel very proud of yourself.

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Splash Tears eye drops hopes that you enjoyed this blog. If you feel inspired and ready to tackle some puzzles and strum a few guitar chords, leave us a comment here or in one of our social media posts. We love and care about our patrons. We want to see you succeed and lead a happy and healthy life. Find us on Amazon and get your eye drops delivered to your doorstep. Follow us on  Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram for more exciting content!

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