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Best Ankle Boots for Fall

Depending on your region, fall may be coming to an end. You may have just a few weeks left to enjoy it. We know you want to make the best of it while looking fabulous. Well, looking good starts with being comfortable and feeling good. Splash Tears, the best dry eye solution, has gathered 5 of the best ankle boots you can still flaunt this fall and have everyone turning heads. Read below to choose your favorite, and use the hashtag #SplashTears to let us know which ones you chose.


These Soda Gloves will make you feel like a rockstar. Pair them with blue jeans and a warm-colored blouse then you’ll be ready to tackle your day. Remember to grab a coat since the temperatures are dropping! The chunky heels are sturdy and will keep the soles of your feet away from the snow, keeping you warm. Grab some fuzzy socks or ankle warmers for an extra cute look. It comes in many colors and sizes to suit all different bodies. 


Tan is the color of fall. Look no further if you are seeking a pair of ankle boots that are gorgeous and affordable. At only $50.00, these ankle boots will make you the envy of your friends. Pair them with jumpers, dresses with stockings, or skirts. You’ll look and feel fabulous. The open ankle and pointed toe give it a southern touch that will have everyone asking where you got them. Available in many colors, but we love the look and versatility of tan. Choose your favorite and pair away!


The Chelsea Boot will treat you and the environment kindly. These ankle boots are made with sustainable materials making them perfect for the conscious buyer. Pay a little extra for high-quality materials, incredible comfort, and high functionality. 100% made in Mexico, just like our amazing eye drops, The Chelsea Boot is here to spoil your feet. These boots use shock-absorbing memory foam insoles and light leather to ensure your feet never suffer. Do not hesitate and grab yours today! They’ll look amazing with jeans and a flannel.


If you often get called “the life of the party,” you need these boots. This stunning pair of ankle boots scream, “I’m fun.” Available in 2 colorful palettes, these are meant to make you turn heads on the street. Elevate your closet with the Noldares Ankle Cowboy Boots. You will not regret it. These are made with soft and comfortable materials to keep you #ONTHEGO throughout the day.


These Dr. Scholl’s are amazing. They are stylish, classic, and made to save you time when you’re running late. They are currently 50% off, so don’t wait up! Grab a pair of comfortable ankle boots that will make your fall days easier. Thanks to their simplicity and satin finish, these can be easily paired with pretty much any piece of clothing in your closet. Get ready to conquer fall with the best ankle boots.

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Thank you for making it to the end of our blog. After reading, remember to do a couple of blinking exercises. When we spend too much time looking at screens, we tend to forget to blink, which eventually leads to dry eye. Remember to blink and use Splash Tears to lubricate your eyes and keep them healthy. If you are interested in learning more about visual health, here is another blog discussing the symptoms so you can be aware. Prevention starts with knowledge. Splash Tears, the best dry eye solution, wishes you a great day! Thank you for reading.

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