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7 Of The Best Cardio Alternatives

Having a healthy heart means engaging in some form of cardiovascular activity. The department of health recommends at least 150 minutes a week for adults. This can be easily split up into 30 minutes blocks five days a week, and you could tackle 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. 30 minutes a day can be a good challenge with the right mindset. Continue reading to learn which cardio alternatives are Splash Tears favorites.

Skiing and Snowboarding

If you live in an area where it snows enough for winter sports, you are in luck. Skiing and snowboarding are fantastic alternatives to cardio. Not only will you be improving your cardiovascular health, but you’ll also meet amazing people on the trail and get the best views in town. This is an excellent seasonal alternative to more traditional cardio, such as running. Snow glare can hurt and dry your eyes. Don’t forget your bottle of Splash Tears, so you can jump into the fun while your eyes stay hydrated.

Hot Yoga

A single hot yoga session can raise your heart rate the same as a brisk walk. Having to push more blood towards your skin to keep you cool makes your heart pump faster. You can introduce this practice safely from two to three times a week. Grab a friend, a bottle of Splash Tears eye drops, a towel, water, and head to the yoga room.


Depending on the altitude, terrain, and your physical state, hiking can be a good form of mild or intense cardio. Choose a hike that suits your expectations and difficulty level. Plan the route, pack all your necessities, and make the best of your weekend with a nice hike. If you live in windy conditions, your eyes can get dry. Take a bottle of Splash Tears with you for the best dry eye relief.

Dog Walking

If you are looking for something easier and low impact. Dog walking – or just walking if you don’t have a dog – is a great way to raise your heart rate. Walk briskly with your pet ahead of you, or speed walk with them. It will be exciting for your pet, good for their joints, and you will improve your health.


Rowing is a fantastic alternative to cardio. Yes, you get to sit down and do cardio. How can it get any better? Rowing can be a high-intensity exercise without any impact on your joints. Simply choose your speed and resistance and begin rowing. The faster you go, the better your cardiovascular health will be.


Even something as simple as walking in water can leave us heavy breathing. Swimming is great for the entire body, as it provides low-impact cardio and endurance, enhances your mood, and reduces stress. Choose your favorite pool, river, or lake, and get to work. If you are in a chlorinated pool, don’t forget to pack Splash Tears to lubricate your eyes afterward.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is not reserved for toddlers anymore. Pick a nice rope. You can get a retractable one, a basic one, or a more complex style. No matter what you choose, you can spend 15 of those 30 minutes doing something fun like jumping rope. If you have children, this can be a nice bonding activity to do with them. The kids will be playing, and you will be bettering yourself and teaching them the importance of staying active.

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No matter which cardio exercise is your favorite, your eyes should always enjoy the moisturizing effects of Splash Tears. Check our website to learn more about Splash Tears and how they can help you with dry eye symptoms.

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