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5 Ways To Set + Achieve Your Career Goals

Your career is a huge part of your life, and there may be a long-term goal that you want to achieve as you grow and learn within your company/field! That’s why Splash Tears created this blog to help you achieve your career goals.

By implementing these beneficial steps, you can more effectively process and obtain your career goals.

1) Outline Your Goals

The best thing you can do for yourself is to write down your goals on paper or create a vision board… or both! No matter what stage of life you are in terms of your career, this can apply to everyone.

Let’s say you are a sophomore in college as a business major, and your end goal is to become a marketing manager at a bank. Your career outline could look something like this:

  • Work part-time as a bank teller in a well-established banking company for a year
  • Attend networking events with local banks who are hiring in their Marketing department
  • Land a full-time marketing internship at a bank
  • Postgrad, apply to entry-level marketing banking positions
  • Work your way up to Marketing Officer and eventually promote to Marketing Manager/Executive

This is just one example of many – The main purpose of writing these short-term goals down in a journaling/outline format is to get a grasp and full vision of what you are going to accomplish! Yes, I said going to because you will.

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2) Focus On Honing In On Your Skills

Blending in with the other applicants can be easy if you don’t seek outside experience. Networking with local businesses or joining an organization that pertains to your field can help you stand out from the crowd!

Take courses or certification programs and learn things about what you want to do! Doing so will teach you so much about your industry and allow you to have more leverage in the competitive business world.

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3) Be Elaborate In Your Goal Setting

Specific details when planning to reach your career goals is so important. Don’t be afraid to dive deep and jot down even the smallest details that may not feel significant in the moment – They are!

All of these steps make up a bigger picture and can positively impact your mindset/confidence. Take pride in checking off the small to-dos because they inevitably lead to more in the long haul. It just takes time.

4) Evaluate And Reflect On Your Professional Value

As a point of reference, let’s assume you have been awarded the highest saleswoman position in the company for the third year in a row! That isn’t something to brush over or take lightly when it comes to establishing your professional value within the company.

By doing this, you can assess your accomplishments, and allow you to be more prepared when it comes time to ask for a promotion within your role.

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5) Have Attainable Yet Challenging Goals

Goal setting for yourself can improve your chances of achieving those goals, but they should still be within reach! Reach beyond your limits and set goals for yourself that push you outside of your comfort zone.

This will not only allow you to grow professionally, but it will also build your grit in the work setting. Set aspirations that are meaningful to you, so that you have the motivation to complete them to the best of your ability.

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If you gained any valuable insight on professional development, and how setting career goals can benefit you in the long term, please visit our website to read up on our other blogs!

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