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6 Tips for Being More Confident

Being confident in yourself goes beyond your degree, skills, and other people’s opinions of you. How you see yourself depends entirely on you and on how much time you spend working on yourself and looking inward. So grab a pen and paper and take notes to become a much more confident person and land that job or relationship you’ve been wanting. Keep reading with Splash Tears, the best eye drops for dry eyes, to learn more about self-love and confidence.

1) Recognize Your Worth

Society will want you to believe that to feel good about yourself, you need things (car, house, boats, land, and others) or “achievements” (big travels, fancy degrees, big corporate jobs, and more) but once you realize your intrinsic value as a human being, you’ll free yourself from this burden. Take time each day to be quiet and meditate, give thanks for all you have, and soon enough, these societal shackles will begin to fall.

2) Believe in Yourself

The difference between you and the person who has the job you want is that they may have tried more times than you are aware of! Trial and error are parts of humanity. You cannot avoid this. Just because you didn’t get the job you wanted doesn’t mean you are not adept. It just means someone with more years of experience came along the way. And guess what, that may very well be you in 3 years. So don’t let small events shy you away from your potential. The person you need the most is yourself, so keep believing that you can and you will. Be your own cheerleader.

3) Do Good

We are community-driven beings. Helping others will make you feel good about yourself, and you’ll feel useful. So offer help whenever you can, from the kindness of your heart and without expectations. Doing good and being kind will make you a more secure person. Keep on learning new skills and share those with your loved ones. Soon you may become an authority on a topic for your friends to refer to.

4) Live in the Present

The hardest thing for most humans is learning to be fully present. We are born in loud hospitals, put in incubators, given phones and devices, sent to massive schools all day, to be accepted into colleges where we develop horrible habits to then be thrown in a cubicle at least 8 hours a day. So yeah, most humans are heightened, anxious, and lack the ability to be present. But just because this is the norm doesn’t mean you must continue living this way. By being in the now, you’ll remove so much of the so-called anxiety that makes you question your worth and likeness. If we simply relax and start appreciating the world around us, we realize that we are all the same, and you can be more calm and confident. Try this; next time you are in a crowded area and feel shy or insecure. Take a few deep breaths and look at the sky. Its vastness will relax you and remind you that you made it, you are alive, and therefore, you are worthy of all you desire.

5) Be Kind To Yourself

Another hard pill to swallow for us humans is the ability to be kind and forgive ourselves. We so quickly let go of our friends and family transgressions. Still, when we make a mistake, we find ourselves reminiscing on it for days, weeks, or even months. Stop the self-deprecation. You are human. Humans make mistakes. It all depends on your perspective. Are you anxious because you do not want to admit your mistakes? What about instead you admit you did something wrong, apologize if necessary, and make amends to never go down that path again? Extend yourself the same kindness that you’d extend to a friend or family member. By practicing self-love and self-forgiveness, you’ll build up your confidence.

6) Practice Affirmations

Daily affirmations can be hard at first. You’ll feel a little silly and like it makes no sense. But again, there is no way to build confidence without self-love. Take time each day after waking up or before bed to do daily affirmations. If you are unsure how to do this, here is some help. In time you’ll be able to do this on your own according to your individual needs, but it’s good to have support at first. If you need further assistance, find a group in your community that does weekly circles. Hearing about other people’s experiences and how we all go through the same will help you feel better about your personal matters and will build confidence in return.

A confident hispanic woman working for the manzanilla sophia blog the best eye drops for dry eyes

These are just a few of the tips you can implement in your life to build self-confidence and love. Try them out, and let us know how it works out for you. We are so glad you made it to the end of our blog. If you have free time and wish to read more blogs on lifestyle and health, head to our website now. Check out Splash Tears, the best eye drops for dry eyes, on Amazon to give our lubricating eye drops a try. Use our hashtag #SplashTears to show us how we keep you ON THE GO!

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